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Improving communication skills through right education strategy

Human beings make use of almost all other skills for the purpose of communication or to convey any idea or message to others. One can see the ability to communicate in an effective manner is generally considered as one of the end products of education. Besides, inter and intrapersonal communication is a way of conveying or transferring information with each other, and the same can be vocal, written, visual etc. Education must equip a person to be an excellent communicator, and developing the same will help in all stages of human life, from social life to professional life. The ability of a person to communicate ideas and thoughts is a vital life skill. There are some tips to improve communication skills and they are indicated and discussed under.



The right educational strategy must allow a student to be a good listener because listening is a good way to improve communication skills. If you can’t lend your ears to somebody, it will be foolish to think that others will help you in critical situations. So, acquisition of listening skill scans an individual to learn the basics of effective communication in general. If we are not a good listener it is hard to understand what we are being asked to do. No one likes the person who simply talks without giving a gap and does not give a chance. By gaining mastery over the basics close listening makes you understand what other persons are saying. So it is important to practice close listening and education can be considered as the strong foundation for an individual to be a good listener and communicator in the future.


Nonverbal communication

Innovative educational strategies, whether in schools or colleges, must help an individual to learn the basics of nonverbal communication, including eye contact, gestures, etc. To improve communication skills, it is also important to concentrate on nonverbal communications. For example, an educational strategy applied within classrooms must help even an introvert to make use of nonverbal communication in daily life. Still, one need not misunderstand that nonverbal communication is the core aspect of communication. Instead, nonverbal communication is a ‘filler’ to be added within the verbal mode of communication.


Motivation within classroom

Instructors can easily motivate students to communicate with each other and to express emotions, feelings, and ideas in the form of words. For example, if an instructor motivates students to prepare an essay, there must be a factor of motivation to force students to think that ‘How can I write my essay without any complication’? To be specific, the individual instructor can say to the class that there will be a secret prize for the best essay prepared by any student. Besides, the instructor can allow students to get indulged in group discussions to come up with points to prepare the proposed essay. One can see that essay is a byproduct and the instructor’s aim is to motivate students to acquire communication skill. So, the above-mentioned ideas can be adopted by an instructor within a classroom environment to bring forth the improvement in communication skills among the students.

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