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5 Most important knowledge must have Human Resource Officers


Human Resource department is crucial for every company, they might be regulating the management and employee relationship. Most of the company’s entire control is HR department so that HR officer must have complete knowledge about the companies and employees entire process flow. Following 5 most important points must have the knowledge of the HR officers.

1. Recruitment

HR must have the knowledge about employee recruitment skills, for hiring the best and a suitable person is important for the company’s development. Because if the person is not good enough knowledge of the work activities, its waste of the money for his salary. So, while recruiting HR officer must find out his complete characters.


2. Training and Development

Human resource officer complete knowledge about the Training skills, most of the companies conduct the personality development course for their employees to improve the performance. In this case, HR department provides the best PDC (Personality development course) training to all the employees. The training should be really like for all level employees.


3. Payroll and Benefit

Payroll is most important for the employee’s salary process; the HR officers must have the complete knowledge about the salary structure and benefits of the employees. Also, that benefit should not affect the company’s growth. HR officers must know about balance the fund flow for the salaries and management expenses.


4. Review Employees performance

Employees review is every year evaluation process, HR officers must prepare the list for employee evaluation sheet and make the complete review of the employee skills. Based on this review, the employee will get appraisal or bonus and benefits.


5. Counseling Skills

Most of the company’s employees always work with the same type of work as a production unit. In this cause the sometimes they will depression, because of their work natures. HR officers every year conduct the counseling for the employees based on the employee’s reviews. The HR officers able to know the employee’s stress, also know how to rectify the employees from their stress.


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