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12 Best Ways You Can Enhance Your Self Confidence


Have you noticed the fact that every successful person in the world has one particular thing in common? They all are super-confident about themselves. Whether you talk about the most popular entrepreneur in the world or a person who delivers online assignment help to students – it is their self-confidence that makes them successful in their respective fields.

If you are wondering what stops you from succeeding, a lack of self-confidence can be a significant reason for that. However, you can gain your confidence back if you can incorporate these following tips in your life.


1. Groom yourself:

Look yourself in the mirror and inquire yourself, “Is this the best version of myself?” Well, becoming the best version of yourself may be a gigantic task, but you can make significant progress towards that goal by looking your best.

Visit a salon, get a new haircut, trim that beard and take a shower. It is amazing what wonders these simple grooming tricks can do to your confidence. When you start to look better, you feel more confident about your self-image, and that reflects on your attitude.


2. Dress to the nines:

Well, grooming is only the first step towards making you feel more confident about yourself. The grooming needs to be complemented with a nice dressing. The objective is to look more presentable. If you are able to achieve that, you will automatically start feeling more confident.

If you are going to work, wear formals that fit you. Baggy clothes may feel comfortable, but they often make you look like a patient. If it’s possible, get yourself some new clothes for work, social gatherings and other meetings. When people praise you for your appearance, it boosts your confidence to a new height.


3. Push your limits:

One of the major reasons why people don’t feel confident about themselves is because they often underestimate their own potential. To shoot your confidence to the next level, you need to find out where your true potential lies.
Do something that you are afraid of. Push yourself to achieve the goals that intimidate you. Once you start accomplishing the things that scare you, your confidence starts to grow exponentially. You may never discover your potential if you become comfortable in your current position.


4. Learn to appreciate yourself:

A lot of people don’t feel confident about themselves is because they forget to appreciate themselves. If you criticize yourself more often than not for everything you do, the chances are it may end up affecting your self-confidence.

Find opportunities to congratulate, complement and reward yourself for even the small achievements. If you don’t find fulfillment in doing what you do, you may start to feel depressed and under-confident about yourself. So start to appreciate yourself.


5. Help others:

In today’s world, people hardly have time for themselves. In such a situation, expecting someone to help others may sound a little too much to ask. But if you start helping people, it will not only make you feel good about yourself but also enhance your self-confidence to a different level.

Offering a helping hand to others may not come with any benefits, but it is a lot more rewarding than other activities. When you provide support to someone without expecting anything in return, it often provides you with a sense of fulfillment that will not be matched with any other achievement. Even though it does not directly affect your confidence, the sense of fulfillment can have positive effects on your self-confidence.


6. Don’t rush:

If you often feel under-confident about doing certain things, it may be because you lack conviction. Take some considerable amount of time to identify the important factors of a certain task, evaluate your chances and then come up with the best possible way to deal with the task.

Since the fear of failure is one of the major reasons behind the lack of confidence in people, you can plan your success and gain your confidence back. Rushing into an activity without having a proper plan often leads to failure and that brings down one’s confidence level from 100 to ten.


7. Change the habits that add no value to your life:

They say “old habits die hard”, and it is true for almost everyone. But there are some habits that do more harm than good. At times, it is the habits that affect our self-confidence to a certain extent. Your objective should be to identify those habits that affect your self-image or don’t add any value to your life. You should replace them with something productive.

Changing the habits can be difficult, but identifying the harmful ones is also equally taxing. Start with small habits and try to change them. For instance, sleeping way past 10 AM is not at all a good habit. Even if you are a freelancer, you should develop the habit to wake up early in the morning. Challenge yourself to practice it for a month. The feeling of accomplishing the objective is going to be precious.


8. Empower yourself with knowledge:

Lack of sufficient knowledge is a genuine reason for not feeling confident about own self. How many times have you hesitated to join a discussion just because you were not confident about your knowledge? The answer is “numerous times”. So won’t it be a better idea to improve your knowledge?

Well, there are plenty of instances, which support the fact that people who are more knowledgeable usually feel more confident than the rest. While your self-confidence may be influenced by a number of factors, your knowledge is certainly one of the crucial ones which you need to broaden in order to be more confident about yourself.


9. Indulge in activities:

If you spend most of your time working on your computer and worrying about your future, it can gradually lower your confidence level. As you may realize, when you are becoming distant to the feeling of accomplishments, you slowly get drifted into insecurity, sorrow and depression – all of which are quite harmful to your self-confidence.
If you don’t get enough activity in your day-to-day life, add some. Go for a jog, play outdoor games, join a gym – basically do something that keeps your heart pumping while adding some value to your life. The aim is to push limits and experience a certain level of fulfillment. Also, being active can have positive effects on your physique which is another factor that can boost your confidence.

10. Surround yourself with positive people:

In your whole life, you may find a lot of people who will criticize you, demotivate you and fill your life with misery, but the life they are not going to be the only people in your life. You will also find a certain group of people who will keep supporting you through your life, lift your spirit when you feel low and motivate you to become a better person.

If you often feel under-confident about yourself, you need to change your company and surround yourself with people who care for you and make your life better. Knowing someone you can rely on boosts your confidence significantly.


11. Stand up for yourself:

No matter wherever you go, you will always find a bully who is going to harass you for no reason at all. Be it school, college or even workplace, being bullied is one of the major reasons why a lot of people lose their self-confidence. If you’re a victim of such harassment, you need to put an end to it.

Stand up for yourself whenever you see something wrong happening in front of you. If you are getting bullied, you can take a stand and let the person know that what he is doing is wrong. This whole process of standing up for yourself requires a lot of self-confidence. In fact, you will need a lot of courage to pull that off. But if you succeed in doing so, it will certainly lift your confidence to a whole new level.


12. Forget worrying about what other thinks:

You don’t need to rely on people’s approval to know that you are great. It may feel great to receive a compliment from someone in the office or even at a social gathering, but if you are living your life just to get approval from others, it won’t be wrong to assume that you lack self-confidence.

Stop relying on people’s comment. Be your own person. Live your life the way you want. Be confident about your work. Just take the positive things from people. Constructive criticism can be good, but it is better if you ignore the negative comments that people make about your lifestyle choices.

There is a list of things that you can do to boost your confidence. These aforementioned tricks can be really effective if you are going through a tough time. However, you need to acknowledge the fact that it takes only a few seconds to shatter someone’s confidence.

So even if you gain your confidence by putting in a lot of efforts, you will need to work harder to maintain it. Meditation and yoga can help you calm your mind and improve your concentration which can be quite useful in keeping your confidence level high all the time.


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