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The Benefits of Mobile HR Management Apps


Organizations are seeing value in allowing their workforce to access the HR data using mobile devices. Mobile access allows businesses to create a more productive, satisfied, and engaged workforce. Creating a mobile application that integrates with a business HR management system can bring a new level of efficiency and productivity from HR professionals and employees. There are various benefits of mobile HR applications. Here, we list a few of them.

Provides Access from Anywhere Anytime

Availability of HR data anywhere anytime is important. Mobile HR applications allow HR teams and employees to access HR information on the go.

HR managers, who are often on the go, will certainly benefit from the mobile technology. All the time access to HR data from any device, and from any location, will make their job much easier. Managers can complete several tasks pertaining to their teams, while away from the desk.
Accessing data on the go enables employees to complete daily tasks accurately and efficiently even when they are away from the office. Employees can access information on taxes, payroll, and benefits without having to call HR staff.


Effective Recruitment

Mobile applications make the recruitment process easier, faster and more effective. The mobile apps give recruiters easy access to candidate data on the device that they’re also most likely to have handy, allowing them to review and respond to applications while they are away from their desk. They can screen applications, shortlist candidates and schedule interviews even when they are away from the workplace. The mobile technology provides access to a wider talent pool that will help recruiters to hire the best talent. Also, mobile is the most discreet way for potential candidates to research and apply as well as respond to messages from recruiters.


Enhances Expense Reporting

The workforce can easily report expenses from the field, getting immediate review and approval from their managers. Expenses can be immediately reported with attached photocopies of receipts taken from the camera of the mobile device instantly following a purchase.

Not only mobile solutions speed up expense management but also ensure accurate data entry and a digitally-archived paper trail for every transaction. Manual errors and/or loss of receipts, and inaccurate reports are minimized significantly by quick, efficient workflows to track all aspects of expense reporting.


Better Workflow

The productive workflow includes following up on each activity until it is fulfilled regardless of where it is carried out. Mobile HR application streamlines workflow and enhances overall efficiency with integrated systems from any device. When data can be changed within different systems easily, employees spend less time on tiresome tasks and more time on high-priority initiatives. The mobile technology relieves HR from the hectic activity of making follow-ups and reporting in the workplace.


Improves Productivity

The use of HR mobile apps will increase the productivity of HR staff as well as employees in many ways.
HR professionals no longer need to be tied to their office desktop computer to answer questions, provide advice or even make decisions. With HR information available online to employees via their smartphones, HR teams no longer need to spend considerable amounts of time on routine administration related issues. Instead, they can spend more time on workforce planning and development activities.

Employees can use their smartphones to update their personal information, benefits, submit timesheets, and more without having to call the HR team. Also, the ability to view and download the paystubs from a smartphone provides convenience to employees and saves time for the HR staff.


Fosters Employee Engagement

Businesses need to consider what tools and resources they can utilize to increase and maintain employee engagement. With state-of-the-art mobile apps, you have the most direct and most personal means to reach all your employees. Regardless of the types of employees you have, almost all of them would be using smartphones. HR professionals can tap into those mobile devices to reach each individual employee and help them be informed, productive, and engaged.
Mobilizing your HR management system can bring a new wave of functionality and upgrade workflows in various ways. Once organizations see the huge potential of this technology, they’ll enjoy the benefits of higher engagement, enhanced productivity and greater efficiency.


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