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5 Apps you must Download if you are Job searching


When you are a professional, whether you are employed or looking to switch jobs, life always find a way to keep you busy and distracted. When it comes to jobs, there is a stuff competition everywhere. You need a laser-like focus on job hunting to get interview calls. It is a long a tedious process. You must make a CV, submit cover letters, and look for areas and salaries that suit you. You need a quick and a sort of automated process.

Job searching apps are the way to do that. Here are five outstanding apps that will help you find the perfect jobs for you. If you think I dropped a ball here; either included an app unfairly or left out an excellent option, help me out by posting it in the comment section below.

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1. Indeed Job Search

Indeed is arguably the biggest app for job seekers in the world – yep, it is global. The process is simple. You upload your CV and apply to various jobs. You have to select the job preferences first so that your feed only shows the related jobs. There are also pre-set cover letters, portfolios and other samples.

Indeed has been criticized for looking too much like the web app but it is ‘indeed’ the most comprehensive app out there – no pun intended.

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2. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder allows you to create CV in just a few clicks from a set of predefined parameters. And if you are a keen job seeker, you have no idea how convenient that can be because most of the time CV creation can take up a lot of work.
The app keeps sending you notifications about the jobs that match your skill set. CareerBuilder is very cleverly designed with easy interface. Perhaps the only downside is that it is available for iPhone users only.

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3. Switch

The switch is a modern job-seeking marketplace. It is mobile only, very quick and light and extremely easy to use. Switch brings you the latest jobs but what it does most brilliantly is make use of the social media.
It lets you import your profiles from social media and put them right up there. The app allows you to conveniently apply to jobs. It is a must-have if you like to apply very quickly to a lot of jobs.
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4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a huge library of jobs. The overall app is categorized into four major segments – jobs, companies, salaries, and interviews. Mind you it is very thorough and can get a little overwhelming.
Glassdoor is more like a classified or job listing app.
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5. Good.Co

Good.Co is a little different from the apps we have listed above. It is sort of a career coach. Good.Co will find jobs and opportunities for you that it thinks will be overall healthy for you and make you happy.
Good.Co doesn’t seek job-based on money or skills, it finds the job based on your personality and working style. This app focuses more on job satisfaction than any other job platform I have seen.

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